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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Every series needs a prequel - and the Kingdom of the East Angles is no exception!

Do you enjoy historical novels set in 7th century, Anglo-Saxon Britannia? Enjoy stories brimming with romance and adventure? 



Then dark comes,
night-shadows deepen…

þonne won cymeð,
nipeð nihtscua…

The Wanderer

In the spring of 609 A.D. - in the village of Went - a young man comes to ask for the hand of the ealdorman's daughter. 

Wilfrid is intense, takes himself a little too seriously, and is in love with Cynewyn - a spoiled young woman who has been promised to another.  Spurned and humiliated, Wilfrid leaves the ealdorman's hall, never to return.

Ten years later, Cynewyn's life has not turned out as she has hoped. Her husband is dead, her village is under siege - and to make matters worse - the king has sent men to inform her that the land on which her village stands now belongs to the East Saxons. 

Among the men sent to escort her and the surviving villagers back over the border is her former suitor - Wilfrid. 

The past decade has changed, and embittered, them both. Wil no longer believes in love, and Cynewyn no longer believes in happy endings. Yet neither are prepared for the passion that ignites between them, or its consequences...

NIGHT SHADOWS will be available on Amazon Kindle in the next few weeks - watch this space!

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