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Monday, 21 May 2018

BATTLE EAGLE is 10 days away from release!

BATTLE EAGLE (Book #3: The Warrior Brothers of Skye) is just 10 days away from release date: May 31, 2018.
He grieves for the loss of his wife, she grieves for the loss of her innocence. An epic tale set in Dark Ages Scotland about the healing and redemptive power of love.
Eithni believes herself too damaged to ever find love, and Donnel vows he will never love again. Can they find their way out of the darkness together?

A healer upon Dark Ages Isle of Skye, Eithni enjoys her life with the tribe of The Eagle. However, the scars of the past—and harrowing memories of the man who stole her innocence—make it impossible for her to find happiness.

The 'Battle Eagle', Donnel, is a warrior of renown. Only bitterness has soured his character. He lost his wife in childbirth and now can't even bear to look at his son. The infant is a reminder of the woman he loved and lost. These days Donnel is intent on wreaking vengence upon the world.

Although cowed by his anger, Eithni challenges Donnel about his bitterness. She's determined to bring father and son together—even if he rejects her help. The Gathering of the Tribes upon the isle that summer changes Eithni and Donnel's lives forever. A chain of events brings them together, forcing them both to change and to open their hearts. But is love enough to heal the wounds of the past?

Scottish folklore: the Bean-Nighe

Have you ever heard of the Bean-Nighe—the washer woman? 

This fairy—a ghastly old woman that belonged to ancient Scottish folklore—could be found by streams and pools. She was an omen of death, as she washed the clothes of those who were about to die. 

In BATTLE EAGLE I use an eerie song about the Bean-Nighe I'd like to share with you here:

Tell me, haggard washer woman,
Whose clothes are washed this day?
I see the cloak of a chieftain
Within your basket, lay.
And is this wife to lose her man,
My heart to be forfeit?
And shall the banshee sing tonight,
To wail his lament?

The sky weeps with blackened clouds,
And spills its rain of tears,
The wind howls through the glen,
To warn The Reaper is near,
The old broch looks forlorn,
As darkness drapes its veil,
I wash my husband’s finest clothes,
That he may die well.

Tell me, haggard washer woman,
Whose clothes are washed this day?
I see a skirt that once was mine,
Within your basket, lay.
And can you wash it free of blood,
To cleanse my blackened soul?
And shall you say a charm for me,
Above my cold barrow?

(Adapted from a poem by Harry Boslem:…/the-washer-woman-bean-nighe-poem.html)

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Saturday, 12 May 2018

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Book review: Born of No Man by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Wow ... this is a fantastic story. The author takes us straight into the heart of Arthurian Britannia with a tale that gives us the origins of the story of Merlin. 

At its heart though, it's a powerful romance: the story of Lynette and Cadfael the Black. She's a princess's handmaid, he's a powerful battle commander. She's loyal to a fault, while he's embittered after the brutal loss of his wife and son many years earlier, and has vowed to never live again.

Although this isn't a big book, the main characters are fleshed out excellently. Lynette is strong, sensitive, and tough. Cadfael is attracted to her from their first meeting, but held back by suspicion and bitterness. The scenes where their attraction deepens are fantastically written and filled with tension. I found their resolution highly emotional, and was delighted that they got their happy ending.

Tracy Cooper-Posey does her research too. Her descriptions of the historical setting, political set-up, and how people lived felt really authentic.

There aren't enough romances written in the Dark Ages so I was delighted to discover this one. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series!

Five stars! 

Check BORN OF NO MAN out on Amazon.