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Monday, 21 May 2018

BATTLE EAGLE is 10 days away from release!

BATTLE EAGLE (Book #3: The Warrior Brothers of Skye) is just 10 days away from release date: May 31, 2018.
He grieves for the loss of his wife, she grieves for the loss of her innocence. An epic tale set in Dark Ages Scotland about the healing and redemptive power of love.
Eithni believes herself too damaged to ever find love, and Donnel vows he will never love again. Can they find their way out of the darkness together?

A healer upon Dark Ages Isle of Skye, Eithni enjoys her life with the tribe of The Eagle. However, the scars of the past—and harrowing memories of the man who stole her innocence—make it impossible for her to find happiness.

The 'Battle Eagle', Donnel, is a warrior of renown. Only bitterness has soured his character. He lost his wife in childbirth and now can't even bear to look at his son. The infant is a reminder of the woman he loved and lost. These days Donnel is intent on wreaking vengence upon the world.

Although cowed by his anger, Eithni challenges Donnel about his bitterness. She's determined to bring father and son together—even if he rejects her help. The Gathering of the Tribes upon the isle that summer changes Eithni and Donnel's lives forever. A chain of events brings them together, forcing them both to change and to open their hearts. But is love enough to heal the wounds of the past?

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