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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Author interview: Cecelia Mecca

Five minutes with Cecelia Mecca!

I know many of you love Cecelia Mecca's border series ... so here's an exclusive interview with the author herself. For those of you who haven't discovered Cecelia yet, she writes bestselling Historical Romance novels set on the Anglo-Scottish border during the 13th Century. I hope you enjoy the interview!

1. Tell us a little about the setting for the Border Series. Why the Anglo-Scottish border? Why the 13th Century? I've been a fan of medieval England for as long as I can remember. When starting my own series, I chose a period of relative peace to give the characters a chance to focus on their relationships. As I read about the borderlands described by some as the wild west of the middle ages, the idea of divided loyalties piqued my interested, and the Border Series was born.

2. Which of your heroes could you fall for the most—and why? I'm actually quite fickle and am a little bit in love with every hero as I'm writing him, so my current favorite hero is Tristan, Lord of Saxford whose story is coming out this summer in a secret collaborative project with two other Scottish romance authors.

3. Tell us three things about you that readers might be surprised to learn.I tried out for Survivor twice, ran fifteen half-marathons (and one full) and am not so patiently waiting for 'Winds of Winter.'

4. You’re working on The Warrior’s Queen at the moment … what excites you the most about this story? Finally giving the hero, Graeme deSowlis, chief of Clan Scott, an HEA of his own. He is a fan favorite and has been spurned twice. Once by Catrina from 'The Lord's Captive' who he thought he would marry since childhood, and again by Lady Emma from 'The Earl's Entanglement' prompting a plea from my editor to "give this poor guy a break." I had already begun his story when I read her comment so it gave me a chuckle.

5. How many more Border Series novels can we look forward to? What direction are you planning to take after that? The sixth book in the series comes out this May with seven and eight to follow later this year. With the help of the Border Ambassadors, my Facebook reader group, I'm currently working out the details of a brand new series which will make its debut in early 2019.

6. If you could go back in time for just one day—where would you go and how would you spend the day? I would go back to 13th century Bamburgh Castle, Northumbria, the inspiration for Kenshire Castle in the Border Series, to see how closely my vision of the middle ages aligns with reality. Although a highly romanticized view of the time period, the series is filled with nuggets of historical detail, and I take great pains to ensure accuracy so I would happily go back with a notebook for a one-of-a-kind research session.

About the Author

Cecelia Mecca is the author of the bestselling Border Series medieval romance. A former English teacher, Cecelia combines two of her passions, romance novels and the middle ages, transporting readers to an admittedly romanticized time of knights and castles. Her first series, set along the Anglo-Scottish border in 13th century Northumbria, turned Cecelia from educator to full-time author. The Border Series, including series starter, ‘The Thief’s Countess’ is known for its focus on well-developed characters and their steamy relationships leading to a satisfying HEA.

Cecelia lives in Northeast, Pennsylvania with her husband and two young children where she can be found either planning a Disney trip, watching period dramas or convincing her children to watch Star Wars. She is firmly House Stark and Gryffindor.

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