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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Drop by and be in to win...

My guest post is now live on Regan Walker's HISTORICAL ROMANCE REVIEWS blog. Here's a snippet below...

Guest Blogger Jayne Castel, author of Anglo-Saxon Romances

Welcome with me today Jayne Castel, author of romances set in Anglo-Saxon England, who is coming to us from New Zealand. Do comment on her post (and leave your email) to be entered to win her book The Deepening Night! 

After studying Old English language and Medieval English history at University, she developed a passion for the history, culture and language of Anglo-Saxon England. She loves setting historical romance in this vibrant, gritty era. HerKingdom Of The East Angles series, set in 7th Century Anglo-Saxon England, spans a decade and the reigns of three kings: Raedwald, Sigeberht and Annan (Dark Under Cover of Night, Nightfall till Daybreak and The Deepening Night.) I’ve asked her to join us to talk about that time in England’s history.

Read more, and enter the contest on Regan's blog!


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