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Monday, 19 January 2015

The Breaking Dawn - first draft nearly complete

Writing is a long process - and (for me, at least), the most enjoyable part of it is writing the first draft. There's a magic in seeing the story unfold. I always loosely plan my novels before writing them - but I make sure I leave room for my characters to 'take over'.

THE BREAKING DAWN is nearly done, and I will be sad when it is.

Once the first draft is written, I do a thorough read-through and then the editing process begins. This can be anything from three to five drafts - depending on how many 'issues' my editor highlights with the story.

Shortly after that, I begin to wonder why I bother writing at all. Fortunately, that feeling soon passes and I roll up my sleeves and do the work needed to make the story as strong as it can be. Then, once the editing process is done, the proofing begins - a tedious but incredibly important stage.

While all of the above is taking place, I usually start dreaming about my next story, and the moment I hit the 'publish' button on Amazon KDP, I am itching to get started on my next writing project.

It's a never-ending process. You dream about a story. You write it, edit it and polish it - and then send it out into the world for others to enjoy. Sometimes I get so caught up in my latest project, that I forget about the books I have already written.

However, I do try not to neglect them. My last novel, THE DEEPENING NIGHT, has been well-received, and a recent Amazon giveaway helped get the novel noticed by historical romance fans.

Take a look at my latest review for THE DEEPENING NIGHT, up on Regan Walker's Historical Romance Review blog.

Tomorrow (21 January 2015), I'll be Regan's guest blogger, with a post all about Anglo-Saxon England, so keep an eye out for it - you could be in to win a free Kindle copy of the book!


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