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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Book Review: Ceridwen of Kilton (Circle of Ceridwen Trilogy #2) by Octavia Randolph

A great sequel to the first book in this series. 

Ceridwen of Kilton has a very different feel to the first book - due largely to the fact that Ceridwen is now a wife and a mother. She does not move from Kilton during the duration of the story. However this does not slow the plot down at all - plenty happens at Kilton to keep the reader engrossed! During the first novel, she is very young, optimistic and naive about herself and others. During this novel, she starts to mature.

Warning: a few potential spoilers ahead!

Ceridwen's new life is overshadowed by the threat of Viking attacks on Kilton, and she cannot forget the Dane, Sidroc, who she left behind in the north. Gyric, Ceridwen's husband, is a changed man when he returns to Kilton. The loss of his sight has stripped him of any sense of self-worth, and although Ceridwen initially ignores this, hoping that their love will conquer his maiming, it eventually starts to affect their relationship. To complicate matters, his brother reveals his obsession for her, which results in an odd - and slightly uncomfortable - episode between the three of them (I won't elaborate here, or I will spoil the story for those who have not yet read it!).

Once again, Octavia Randolph brings Anglo-Saxon England to life in this richly detailed tale of one woman's survival in a brutal time. The character development is excellent and, once again, I can't wait to read the next installment!

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