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Thursday, 12 November 2015

Bringing Sutton Hoo to life in fiction

Nearly 1,400 years ago, a king was buried in a treasure-filled longship on the banks of the River Deben in Suffolk, England. Welcome to Sutton Hoo - one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries ever made.

Many historians believe it is the burial site of Raedwald, the charismatic king of the East Angles. But, the truth is, we will never know for sure who was buried among the treasures of Sutton Hoo. 

When I visited Sutton Hoo over ten years ago. As I wandered over the gently undulating land under the wide East Anglian sky, the seed for a story took root in my mind. I imagined the tale of a great Anglo-Saxon King, and a series of events that took place during the last year of his life. The premise for my first novel set in Anglo-Saxon England, Dark Under the Cover of Night was born.

Today, you can view the Sutton Hoo treasures in the British Museum.

Watch the story of the discovery and subsequent restoration of the Sutton Hoo treasure.

Live the history of Sutton Hoo

A king's daughter, the son of his sworn enemy - and a reckoning...

Discover the stories of the men and women who lived in 7th Century Britannia, through the eyes of Raedwyn - King Raedwald's headstrong daughter. 

Dark Under the Cover of Night (Quarter Finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award, 2013 - Romance Category), will be available for free on Amazon, for 3 days only, from 12-14 November 2015.

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