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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Book review: The Hall of Tyr Book #4 of The Circle of Ceridwen Saga by Octavia Randolph

A fantastic conclusion to the best series I've read in years. The Circle of Ceridwen Saga had it all - coming of age, adventure, romance, intrigue and survival. 

The Hall of Tyr takes place on the Island of Gotland, where Ceridwen and Sidroc have made their home together. We follow their new life, and their deepening love in a richly drawn setting. However, their happiness is overshadowed by the past, and the people they left behind in Angle-land. 

This novel adopts a slightly different narration style to the rest of the series. Ceridwen is our narrator throughout the books, except for some chapters in this one, where we return to Four Stones, and to the people Sidroc and Ceridwen have left behind. These chapters are told by Aelfwyn, who must deal with the grief of losing her husband and best friend. She must also face Godric - Ceridwen's jealous and controlling brother-in-law - who will see Ceridwen returned to Kilton at any cost. 

I really enjoyed reading from Aelfwyn's point of view - and can envisage another series with her as the main character (hint, hint!).

A great series, and well worth getting lost in.

Five stars! *****

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