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Monday, 28 November 2016


I have been 'rebranding' my historical romance covers in an effort to make them more atmospheric, moody and sensual. 

The Kingdom Mercia has been redone, and I've just sent The Kingdom of the East Angles off to the designer as well.

Here's the new cover for THE WHISPERING WIND - the first book in my new series: The Kingdom of Northumbria. It's just back from the designer - what do you think?

Book #1: The Kingdom of Northumbria
(Due for release in early 2017)

He is her savior.
She is his salvation.

The day Leofric finds a young woman washed up on a windswept shore his life changes forever. 

A monk upon the island of Lindisfarne, Leofric is living in exile after shaming his family. The girl he saves is Aelfwyn. Once handmaid to a queen, she is now fleeing from a cruel king.

Thrown together by circumstance, Aelfwyn and Leofric escape the north and begin again—only neither is prepared for the bond that builds between them. He helps her heal, while she gives him a chance at redemption.

All too soon, the outside world puts their fragile happiness together at risk. Eventually, they understand that in order to escape their past, they must face it.


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