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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Return to Dark Ages Isle of Skye!

BARBARIAN SLAVE has been released! 

This emotional tale about a Pictish warrior and a Roman noblewoman was released yesterday (January 31, 2018).  Already I've had some amazing feedback about the novel—it seems as if readers can't get enough about Dark Ages Scotland.

I've already started on Book #3 of the series, BATTLE EAGLE.

Here's what some early reviews are saying about BARBARIAN SLAVE so far

"Great story, bold characters, strong heroes and beautiful but also strong heroine. It was an emotional journey with several twists and turns." (Kathy, Goodreads) ★★★★★

Jayne Castel has an immersive style of prose. She builds a world full of texture and main characters and side characters that seem real for all that they are the heroes and heroines of their day. Her villains always have a chance of winning, and that is what makes the story so thrilling. Add in a love story that ties emotions to actions and consequences, and you have the components of a great story. Bury yourself in the past with this great book." (Celestine, Amazon/Goodreads) ★★★★★

"Loved it! This story had a very good storyline and a strong female heroine! Could not put it down." (Karen, Goodreads) ★★★★★


He takes her as his warprize--but she enslaves his soul. Pict and Roman culture collide in this epic Historical Romance set in Dark Ages Scotland.

Lucrezia is the wife of a Roman soldier posted on the northernmost reach of the Empire. Locked in an unhappy marriage upon a desolate outpost, her hopes for happiness are slipping away. However, her life changes forever in the winter of 467 AD. Barbarians from the north band together and attack Hadrian's Wall.

Tarl mac Muin is a Pict warrior with a thirst for battle and glory. He's part of the Barbarian Conspiracy that will change history. But when he takes Lucrezia as his slave, he sets off a chain of events that neither of them could have foreseen.

In an epic adventure that starts at the Roman fort of Vindolanda at Hadrian's Wall and takes Lucrezia north to the wild shores of the Isle of Skye--she discovers love and happiness when she least expects it. Only, a shadow from the past risks ruining everything.

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