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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

My next story is in your hands

Discover the next great story... it could be mine

My next novel, DAWN OF WOLVES (Book #3 The Kingdom of Mercia), is now ready for publication... however, this time I'm doing things a little differently.

Usually, I self-publish my Historical Romances on Amazon. But this time around, DAWN OF WOLVES is available for nomination on Kindle Scout for the next 30 days.

What's Kindle Scout?
It's a campaign run by Amazon that gives readers the chance to preview never before published books, nominate their favorites, and receive free copies when their picks are published!

Anyone with an Amazon account can vote! 

At the end of the 30 day period, if DAWN OF WOLVES has enough reader nominations, it will be published. Then, you'll get a free copy!

If the novel isn't selected, I will be self-publishing it on Amazon, as usual, once the period ends (so don't worry - either way, you'll get to read it!).

Take a look at DAWN OF WOLVES' Kindle Scout campaign page. Here, you can find out about the story, and about what inspired me to write it. You can also read the first 5,000 words, and - if you like it - you can nominate it!

What's DAWN OF WOLVES about?
This story tells of a marriage between two seemingly incompatible people: a ruthless young king and a pious princess who wishes to devote her life to god. This novel is about the power love wields over us all - and how it can change us for the better.

Watch the book trailer on YouTube to find out more about the story.

Excited about reading this novel?

Go ahead, and nominate DAWN OF WOLVES!

Thank you so much for your support!

Best wishes,
Jayne x