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Sunday, 14 October 2018

LORD OF THE NORTH WIND is available!

LORD OF THE NORTH WIND is now available! It's been a great launch so far, and readers are loving Aldfrith, my Philosopher King.

For those of you with Amazon Prime subscriptions who have been patiently waiting ... LORD OF THE NORTH WIND is now in Kindle Unlimited!

Aldfrith's character was modeled a real historical figure: King Aldfrith of Northumbria. 

Here's what readers are saying about the book so far!

"I loved the realistic and engaging characters and the angsts of the passion and once in a life time love, that politically can never be." ★★★★★

"King Aldfrith, different as he is from most heroes I read, will stick with me for a while. I think I have a new favorite hero archetype - the philosopher king." ★★★★★


Here's a snippet (one of my favorite scenes!) from the book for you to enjoy


“I'm sorry, milord.” Osana took another hasty step backwards. “I was taking a walk. I didn’t mean to intrude.”

His dark blue gaze remained upon her for a long moment, before his mouth quirked. “You aren’t intruding.”

Osana gave a hurried curtsey and backed off farther. “I bid you good morning, sire.”

She turned to flee, still clutching the half-eaten apple. His voice, faintly tinged with amusement, stilled her. “It’s Osana, isn’t it?”

She turned back, her face warming under his scrutiny. “Aye … Raedwulf of Hagustaldes is my husband.”

He nodded. “I noticed you at the feast last night.”

He said those words without the slightest flirtation, yet Osana’s cheeks grew hotter still at that. What was wrong with her? She never blushed. He had caught her watching him at the feast. She had been observing him, thinking his attention was elsewhere, when his gaze had snapped up, ensnaring hers. She felt mortified now, as she had at the time.

One did not stare at the king—he would think her common and far too bold.

But when she forced herself to meet his eye, she saw that the king did not appear offended or disdainful.

Instead, he was watching her with cool interest. A moment later his gaze dropped to the apple she still clutched. “I didn’t think they were ripe enough yet. Was it a good apple?”

Now he’ll think me a thief.


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