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Friday, 8 February 2019

New series announcement--and preorder alert!

Can't get enough high-stakes adventure and passionate romance set on the Isle of Skye?

Finally... I've been holding on to this one for a while! In addition to my Dark Ages Historical Romances (I'm still continuing with those, don't worry), I'm also going to be writing Medieval Scottish Historical Romance! And ... I'll be releasing all three books in the series this year!

THE BRIDES OF SKYE series is set on the Isle of Skye, over 1000 years after my Pict Wars series concludes--and it'll be focusing on three strong-willed sisters ... and the three men who love them!

Preorder alert!

The Beast's Bride (Book #1: The Brides of Skye) is now available to preorder - release date April 16 2019! 

The beauty who refuses to be wed. The beast who loves her in vain. A twist of fate that brings them together.

Rhona MacLeod is the beautiful, willful middle daughter of a clan chief the Isle of Skye. Desperate to remain free and bow to no man, she refuses all the suitors who ask for her hand.

Taran MacKinnon is one of Chieftain MacLeod’s most trusted warriors. He carries a secret passion for his chief’s middle daughter. However, Rhona has never been able to see beyond his scars and forbidding appearance that have earned him the name 'The Beast of Dunvegan'.

Frustrated by Rhona's defiance, her father makes a decision that will force his daughter to take a husband—games that will bring warriors from all over the island, and from the mainland, to compete. Rhona must wed the victor. Finally, Taran has a chance to prove himself. If he wins the games, he can possess the woman he wants—but can he win her heart?

💖🗡️ Preorder your copy here and it will be delivered to your Kindle on April 16th! 💖🗡️

Excerpt from THE BEAST'S BRIDE

Taran MacKinnon watched the second daughter of Malcolm MacLeod walk away from him, heading out of the garden and back toward the castle.

Now that her gaze was averted, his own devoured her.

She wore a kirtle of green plaid with a straw-colored leine underneath. The garment was fitted, highlighting her statuesque form and lush curves, while a heavy belt around her hips accentuated the dip of her waist. She walked with a determined stride, her long curling dark-red hair tumbling down her back.

Taran’s breathing hitched as he watched her—the fire-haired woman he’d wanted for a while now.

Only, she didn’t return the sentiment. To Rhona he was merely her father’s warrior. Scar-face—The Beast of Dunvegan.

The name Dughall had thrown at him didn’t bother Taran, he’d heard it enough times over the years for the insult to lose its sting. But he didn’t want Rhona to look at him that way.

A bee buzzed by, on its lazy path to the bed of roses behind him. Taran inhaled the sweet scent of the flowers and closed his eyes for a moment.

Being near Rhona MacLeod was agony. She’d ensnared him, dug her thorns deep into his flesh. Standing close to her for a few moments had been both pleasure and pain.

He heaved in a deep breath, opened his eyes, and followed Rhona out of the garden. Sparring with her tomorrow would be sweet torture.

He could hardly wait.

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