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Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Introducing The First-born Son: The Warrior Brothers of Skye Origin Story

Another month rolls around ... and I've been super busy getting a bonus story ready for you!

THE FIRST-BORN SON is the origin story for THE WARRIOR BROTHERS OF SKYE series. I wanted to give you a prequel to BLOOD FEUD, and a glimpse into Galan's decision to marry Tea. You'll also get to meet Galan's father, Muin, and see the development of Galan's relationship with his two younger brothers, Tarl and Donnel. I must say I really enjoyed telling a story from Galan's perspective again—he's one of my favorite heroes!

THE FIRST-BORN SON is a short story (around 7,000 words), and you can download it in both digital and audio format.

To get your copy, just click on the banner below!

A man cannot escape his destiny.

Galan mac Muin thought it would be many years until he'd take his father's place as chieftain of The Eagle tribe. But when the long standing feud between The Eagle and their arch-enemies, The Wolf, comes to a head, the young Pictish warrior starts to understand that inevitable change is coming for him and his people.

Some paths are written. Galan cannot free himself from the obligations of a first-born son.

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