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Saturday, 30 March 2019

Book review: Desire Lines (Book #3: Welsh Blades) by Elizabeth Kingston

Another wonderful read from Elizabeth Kingston. I do love her Medievals especially, although they're not for the fainthearted. However, if you love realistic romance with a well-researched historical setting, and a story that will leave a lasting impression on you, I highly recommend Desire Lines. 

This novel tells the story of Nan and Gryff. She's an enigmatic low-born young woman with deadly skill in knife-throwing, and he's a high-born Welshman who has lost everything. They meet on the road, after the outlaws who have taken Gryff prisoner attack a group of travelers. Their choice of victims was a big mistake for Nan is accompanying the travelers ... and she's not the sort of woman you want to mess with!

I really enjoyed the developing love story between Nan and Gryff. They are both damaged and flawed characters with dark pasts and a fear of trusting others. As such this is a slow-burn romance (my favorite!), and the building chemistry between the two of them is explosive. Nan is a fiercely strong, independent woman who hides crippling fears and insecurities, and Gryff who is both strong and sensitive is the perfect match for her.

The author really brings this period of British history to life. The oppression of the Welsh and the difficult lives of those not born into the wealthy classes is all drawn vividly here. It's a dark novel in many ways, which is what makes the romance shine all the more. The dark merely makes the light shine all the brighter when our lovers have their happy ending.

I do recommend reading Nan first though (which you can get by joining Kingston's mailing list), as it gives a full back-ground to Nan's complex and tortured character.

A great read! Five stars!

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