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Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Writing update

The Brides of Series is complete! I've been taking a well-earned breather after the release of Book #3, but thought it was time to give you an update about where I'm at with all my writing projects, and what's coming next!
➡️The Brides of Skye is doing really well--thanks to all of you for your support! As such I HAVE to write more Scottish Medievals (you've already been emailing me asking when the next series will be out!).
➡️The next series (coming in early 2020) is The Sisters of Kilbride. This story is set in the same world as The Brides of Skye, and kicks off around a year after The Rogue's Bride ends. The series is about three nuns ... yes that's right ... nuns! Only these women aren't your typical nuns. The abbess of Kilbride Abbey takes an unorthodox approach to her role--she teaches all the nuns how to fight and defend themselves physically should the abbey ever be attacked! As such, these three heroines are not to be messed with! Book #1 centers around a character who appeared in The Rogue's Bride: Gavin MacNichol, a widowed chieftain who has never forgotten the woman he lost his heart to years earlier. The only problem is that his lost love is now a nun ... and is determined never to have her heart broken again!

➡️In the meantime, before I get started on the new series I've got two books to complete! First off the ranks is Path of the Dark, Book #3 in my Epic Fantasy Romance series. I'm around 65% through the first draft. The story's getting quite steamy! I'm really enjoying the developing relationship between the hero and heroine, Elias and Ryana.🔥
➡️Warrior's Secret, Book #2 in The Pict Wars series is waiting patiently for me to return to it. And I will ... just as soon as Path of the Dark is wrapped up. I know those of you who loved Warrior's Heart have been waiting for the sequel--sit tight, it's coming!
➡️Keep updated on my works in progress here:
That's it for now ... two more releases scheduled for this year and a new series for 2020! 💖

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